Nothing will fuck up your twenties more than thinking you’re supposed to have your shit together.




Harry Potter locations

holy shitballs, that was a long fucking train ride.

i seriously can’t believe they flew a car that fucking far.

I think it maps out equivalent to like NYC -> Toronto or something? Maybe NYC -> Montreal? It’s far, but not as far as you’re imagining.

That’s actually about 45 minutes shorter than the drive between NYC and Toronto. You could make it to Hogwarts in 7 hours, easy. Even if you stopped for kolaches along the way.

This is extremely cool. Never knew I needed to know this, but I did.


I just wanted a gifset of all three… (x,x,x)



This is what is hapenning in Venezuela. People get tired from insecurity & injustice so they take the streets. Government attacked them, but they’re not giving up. People waked up and we’re getting stronger. Thank you for sharing this and #PrayForVenezuela

Keep on fighting.


Pro-EU Ukrainians protest in Kiev

Ukraine’s political crisis escalated sharply Tuesday, February 18th, with at least nine people reported killed and scores injured in violent, often fiery battles between anti-government demonstrators and police in Kiev.

The clashes outside parliament erupted after the opposition accused the government of ignoring its demands even after nearly three months of protests that have paralyzed the capital. It was the worst violence since the protests began in late November. (AP)

(Photos by Efrem Lukatsky/AP Photo (3), Sergei Chuzavkov/AP Photo, Andrew Kravchenko/REUTERS/Pool, Maks Levin/REUTERS)

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Jason Jones talks to a Russian woman protesting against Russia’s anti-gay laws.

The memories, man…

The memories, man…